Sunday, January 13, 2008

WalMart and King Cake

There's a chance I've got the wrong blog but...we're waiting on an email response.

I hate WalMart. If you are my age then you really miss the home-town shops that were here for all of your formative years and then...weren't. Because WalMart put them out of business. So we get to Mardi Gras.

Year before last, The Not Nice Child got the baby, so last year we were supposed to bring the king cake. No big deal. I can handle this. So Fat Tuesday we leave a little early and go by WalMart to buy our king cake.

WHY? You might ask? WHY are you going to WalMart to buy your king cake when you HATE WalMart? Because WalMart put our 50+-year-old bakery out of business. Culpeppers. And Culpeppers did king cakes every year but since it was GONE and it was seven o'clock in the morning, I HAD to go to WalMart. It happens.

My children attend Catholic school and we're Methodist. Which really only means that at school communion, my children cross their arms across their chests and don't take the wine and bread but DO get blessed. Thank God for small miracles. :)

So, the entire Lenten season is a BIG. DAMN. DEAL. around here, no matter your faith because even those lazy-ass Methodists pay attention to...OH YEAH! He's back! And it can get REALLY complicated because in the middle of this is all that saint stuff...St. Valentine and St. Patrick. We party for months.

So. We need a king cake. And guess what? WALMART DOESN'T DO KING CAKES. Or at least, they don't do them in THIS neck of the woods. And there's not a damn thing you can do about it...Culpeppers is gone, WalMart isn't and it's not doing king cakes. So what. About ten o'clock that morning my father-in-law found a king cake about 30 miles away, went and picked it up and took it to school. Thank you.

My friend, G, called last week to tell me there's a king cake recipe in the paper. But I've emailed my Catholic buddies because hey, I may be slow but I'm not STUPID. Catholic religious recipes MUST be better than other religious recipes. Because, as I've explained to my Methodist kids when they complain that the Catholic Lord's Prayer ends BEFORE IT'S OVER...

"They had it first."

So. We're on stand-by for the REAL King Cake recipe.


JetfireK said...

No reason to hate Walmart. If the mom and pop stores had not over priced everything, Walmart would not exist. Be glad there is a store that Amarica can afford. Its your home, your family, and you are have Walmart....You could shop Target...they didn't put anyone out of business...but they are higher priced than Walmart....

DAVID said...

Jetfirk has it wrong, of course. The mom and pop stores produced higher quality foods as well as actually having someone that was chef/baker/you fill the blank if yourself. If you like Chinese paint,chinese dog food, then yes Wally World is for you. And customer service, wow, you can't even use Walmart and Service in the same sentence....they are virtually antonyms.