Sunday, January 6, 2008

One is NEVER Enough

You knew this was coming, didn't you?

Like one blog could possibly ever be enough to contain Country Girl and myself and our myriad interests and things to bitch about.

Not only are CG1 and I bound by an abiding love of bourbon, but we are twins separated at birth when it comes to good food.

And the problem, over at CG/CG, is that 40-ish percent of our readership is male. And of those men who I personally know...nobody cooks. They eat, to be sure, but they don't particularly care about how it all gets put together.

So as a remedy to that situation, we bring you, "No Place for Picky Eaters." Because picky-damned eaters will drive a serious cook absolutely to the brink of dispair.

What is WRONG with you picky-eating people? Did your mothers raise you on PB&J and mashed potatoes? Because if they did, then shame on them.

For the rest of you who LOOOOVES some good eatin', stay tuned.

Image Credit: Some dude's Myspace Account. Think HE spends many nights alone?


Country Girl said...

Oh, man. LOOK at the juices in that rare meat. I don't care HOW they did that photography...such an image is LOVELY.

This is going to be SO easy. I sent out two recipes by email request today. Soon as I figure out how to email myself HERE, we're in business.

melissa said...

Cool! I'm a foodie, too. Remember, I live in the town that brought you WFM and this wonderful place:

It makes up for the karmic mistake that is our current leader...almost.

Country Girl said...


City Girl said...

CG, that's some creative cropping and super saturation of the meat image. The original looked decidedly anemic. I swear it was pork.

God bless Photoshop.